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Origen Biomedical

Redefining the Crutch

2015  |  Design Consultant

I was a design consultant on a medical device project for a new collapsible crutch by Origen Biomedical. The current design had quality issues and lacked a unique visual brand language.

I was able to provide insights and recommendations on human factors and industrial design improvements for their next-generation product.

Business Objective

Origen Biomedical was struggling with their latest product: a collapsible crutch and needed help to achieve their business targets.

Design Objective

In addition to providing financial forecasting support, I was asked to provide design and engineering recommendations.


During Business School, we formed a team to provide consulting services to Origen Biomedical, a medical device company outside of Austin, TX.

They have a product called Crutch that utilized a patented collapsible design that no other crutch in the market could match. However, even with this unique design, their sales were still flat so they asked for our help in identifying next steps.

I was responsible for leading the design improvements and recommendations.

In addition to several design recommendations, we analyzed their financials and concluded that they were pricing Crutch at too high of an entry price-point. Even with coverage from insurance companies, the numbers didn't add up. We ran their finances against a price sensitivity analysis as well as forecasted their sales based on competitor market prices.

By lowering their price point, either at retail or discount, improving their product design at no additional manufacturing cost, and optimizing their marketing strategy, we predicted an almost 200% increase in sales.

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