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This is a currated list of presentations and articles I have delivered on design, my work, and things I love doing!

UX to Product Design

I delivered a Keynote Talk on the value of transitioning from traditional UX to Product Design. It highlights the importance of a balanced relationship between design and business goals.

CES Keynote: Diversity by Design

I presented at the 2021 CES Lenovo Spotlight Series on the importance of Diversity by Design. This keynote was shared by Lenovo's CEO and Accessibility Advocates.

ARVR Global Summit: Designing XR Experiences

I presented at the 2020 ARVR Global Summit on Designing XR Experiences. This talk was attended by hundres of AR/VR industry leaders and included an open forum Q/A.

How My Children Make Me a Better Leader

I wrote this article after I was asked to lead a new team in a newly created category for Lenovo. We were building a new culture as we tackled some of the most challenging technologies on the planet.


Create Adaptive Designs, Not Masterpieces: Lean UX

Designers need to learn how to move quickly and fail fast. It's important to keep improving without being bogged down by details in the early stages of the design process. Lean into the ambiguity!

Legion Gaming UI

UX at Lenovo

Lenovo has an amazing User Experience team that quietly designs experiences for billions of people around the world. Let's meet them!

Lenovo UX
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