Enterprise Customer Dashboard

2015  |  Designer & Researcher

This was a proof of concept I was asked to create for our large enterprise customers. It helps them track purchases, manage orders, and submit new sales inquiries without having to reach out to our sales team.

Sale Associates can also leverage the platform by tracking customer data to identify new opportunities such as refresh cycles.

Business Objective

Create a new Enterprise Dashboard that helps our customers place orders and communicate with sales more easily and quickly.

Design Objective

Provide mockups and wireframes to help communicate customer use cases and value props to our Executive Team.


In a conversation with my VP about how Lenovo can elevate its customer experience, we talked about the key pain points our customers struggle with today regarding their end-to-end experience with us.

One core area was product ordering and shipment. There is very little transparency in today's process since everything is handled through a sales representative. By understanding this feedback, I was able to propose a few ideas on how we can improve this part of our customer experience.


I designed a new concept that would provide a platform for our large enterprise customers to view, track, order, and talk with Lenovo representatives.


This platform would only be available to our larger customers so we can plan resources accordingly. This would provide transparency on products, orders, shipment, and estimated deliveries. It would also provide a channel for customers to reorder or order new products.