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Launching a Startup

2012 - Present  |  Founder

Moi is a whimsical retail company that has dressed babies in adorable and funny clothing since 2012.

I have designed over 200 products since we launched and continue to add new items regularly.

Business Objective

Figure out how to launch a startup, operate efficiently, and recoup the initial investment within three years.

Design Objective

Provide a range of products that are different and unique to our target customer market.


In 2011, my sister had my first niece. Immediately, I needed to spoil her so I sought out to buy the cutest onesie I could find. Unfortunately, some of the cutest designs I found were poorly designed and worse, incredibly expensive.

After complaining to my wife about how I could design better onesies and on more premium materials, she replied as any typical supporting wife would:

"so, why don't you?"

The very next day, I stayed up all night, created 40 designs, and launched my company.


It has been quite the journey over the last several years. We learned so much about small business ownership, specifically, in regards to e-commerce and advertising.

We continue to expand our product line and offer new products but have taken a less aggressive stance in expansion.

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