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These are recent research projects I completed while studying at Harvard and MIT (2021-2022).

Transforming Education with Mixed Reality (MR)

Promoting the implementation of Mixed Reality, specifically AR, to increase learning engagement and student accessibility in the classroom.

Artboard 1.png

Corporate Training on Inclusive Technology Design

Formal proposal to develop internal and external resources for adult capacity building to create more diverse and inclusive technologies.

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1Beat: Tangible Interface for Remote Physical Interactions

Developed at the MIT Media Lab, our project explored the intersection of tangible interfaces and distanced interactions with a focus on parent-child relationships.


Board Game Design: Comparing Agile and Waterfall Dev Processes

Designed a board game that compares Agile and Waterfall development processes in a fun and engaging way.

Jonnie Lee - Final Project - AWE.png

Stealth Assessment Learning: Digital Escape Rooms

Designed a digital escape room using the principles of gaming development and a stealth assessment underlying framework. Created and published a website detailing the research, design, and prototype of the game.

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