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Designing a Digital Escape Room Based on Educational Game Design Principles

2022  |  Designer & Researcher

Researched and designed an educational escape room that incorporated many principles from game design.

Design was conducted at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Project Objective

Incorporate principles of game design to create a new educational game.

Design Objective

Design a game that applies the stealth assessment pedagogy while engaging students.


My project is a culmination of the learnings from class and how I apply key concepts to the design of an educational escape room.


Learn about the theoretical frameworks I applied, explore the game's features and elements that tie back to core learning concepts from class, and play a low-fidelity version of the game!

For my project deliverable, I designed a website that captured the research, design process, and low-fidelity prototype.

Visit my Project Website:


An initial architectural workflow map of the digital escape room game.

As I iterated the design, the workflow changed quite a bit, ensuring I designed for the dynamic nature of user variance.



An important part of the design process was ensuring the game was properly tested and iterated before being published. I tested the prototype in three phases with a number of users.


For more information, visit my Project Website:

Research was conducted as part of the coursework for T545: Motivation and Engagement with Professor Chris Dede at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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