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Transforming Education with Augmented Reality

2021  |  Academic Researcher

Research project that explores the implementation of augmented reality technologies in education to increase learning engagement and student accessibility.

Research was conducted at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Project Objective

Formal research proposal on the benefits of implementing augmented reality technologies in the classroom (K-12).

Design Objective

Provide evidenced-based research that supports empirical frameworks for learning engagement and student accessibility needs.


There are man educational problems today that are rooted in traditional tools and outdated practices. These problems prevent learners from fully engaging in coursework content and being intrinsically motivated to learn the material.

The following project provides evidenced-based research that addresses educational empirical frameworks to support the promotion of AR in the classrooms.

Research was conducted as part of the coursework for T511K: Transforming Education through Emerging Technologies with Professor Chris Dede at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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