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Branding My Own Wedding

2012  |  Designer

As a designer, I was obligated to create a unique brand for my own wedding.

From wedding invitations to travel bags, I designed all the materials for our special day.

Business Objective

Design a unique and personalized wedding theme to be applied to various print and digital materials. 

Design Objective

Create a brand that reflects traditional and modern themes that incorporates current design trends.


Not everybody gets to marry the love of their life and I was lucky enough to do it twice. My wife and I had two weddings: one in Durham, NC and one in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (however, we only celebrate the more exotic one).

If you're in the design circle, you already know the golden rule that if you're getting married, you have to design all the materials yourself.

"Wait, I'm both the client and the designer?

I've never had such a tough client before."

- Me

This opportunity allowed me to take the reigns on the full design experience and invest as much time and effort as I wanted and needed to.

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