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1Beat: Tangible Interface for Remote Human Interactions

2021  |  Project Lead, Video Effects, Research

1Beat was a project developed at MIT Media Labs: Tangible Interfaces. The purpose was to simulate human interactions across distances.

We prototyped the mechanism to read biometric data and translate it to perform various interactions.

Business Objective

Simulate human interactions across distances, specifically relating to biometric data.

Design Objective

Solve the need for human interactions when two people cannot physically be together.


In fall 2021, I took Tangible Interfaces at MIT Media Labs that explored the tangibility of human interactions across various mediums. The focus was on physical touch that is slowly being destroyed by the digital world.

The project was born out of a need for human interactions for medical benefits.

I came up with the idea of a baby's need for physical touch to help with stablizing heart beat, warmth for body temperature regulation, and social and emotional cognitive benefits.

I lead the project team to execute on this idea and created the video effects to simulate the final design interactions.

Tangible Telepresence to Improve Parent-Child Connection through Biometric Mimicry


To prototype our idea we used an Arduino board, Lily Pad, Air Pump, 3D fabricated plexi sheets, biometric sensors, and visual effects.

The idea was to capture a human's biometric data (heart beath, body temperature) and translate these inputs into a series of mechanical interactions involving a simulated human chest in the form of a mattress or pillow. The data would define the inflation and deflation rates of the mattress as well as the material temperature. Simulations could also be controlled by the parent device through a series of touch interactions.

I used Adobe After Effects to visualize the touch interactions.


This is the formal paper we wrote about our project and research.


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