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Jonnie Lee - Final Project - AWE.png


Designing a Board Game Comparing Agile and Waterfall Development Processes

2021  |  Designer

Created a board game that illustrated the differences between Agile and Waterfall development processes in a fun and interactive way.

Design was conducted at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Project Objective

Showcase the key differences between the two software development processes.

Design Objective

Allow players to quickly learn the key differences in a fun, engaging, and interactive way.


The two software development processes have key differences and trade-offs are that often difficult to communicate. This project aimed to communicate those differences in a fun and interactive way allowing players to quickly learn which process is best suited for their needs.

I designed the following board game that can be played digitally or physically.

Jonnie Lee - Final Project - AWE.png

Players take turns rolling a dice and can move between the two separate development paths. Agile is dipicted at the top while Waterfall is dipicted at the bottom.

Peach Spaces = Safe

Red Spaces = Question Cards

Maroon Spaces = Chance Cards

Purple Spaces = Steps Back

Blue Spaces = Start Over

Introduction Video

Full Demo

Research was conducted as part of the coursework for T550: Designing for Learning by Creating with Dr. Karen Brennan at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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