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Arrow Reprogaphics

Rebranding a 35-Year-Old

Print Shop

2014  |  Owner + Designer

Arrow Reprographics is a print and design company that has operated for more than 35 years without a unique brand identity.

When I took over the business, I designed a brand that reflected the company's traditional values with a more contemporary feel.

Business Objective

Create a new brand that is both recognizable and reflects the values of the company.

Design Objective

Rebrand the company to reflect the new design service while offering a modern look and feel.


In 2014, I took over my father's 35-year-old printing company after his sudden passing. To preserve his legacy, we wanted to revitalize his brand and celebrate the very things he loved about his work.

When creating the logo, I wanted it to live without the wordmark and have it be immediately recognizable. I used a combination of arrows, transparencies, and an extensive color palette to blend the print and design theme.

Our new brand helped us transition from my father's traditional past into a more modern and contemporary future. The new brand also celebrated the design side of the company which we formally added as a new client service.

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